About Smart Cities Saudi Expo

In parallel with the ambitious objectives of Vision 2030, the Saudi Infrastructure Expo portfolio of events serves as a crucial platform to advance Saudi Arabia's rapidly evolving infrastructure ecosystem. As a result of the Kingdom's increasing thirst for water, the Global Water Expo emerged in support of the nation's efforts to invest in it's water infrastructure as a consequence of the ever increasing population and expanding industrial sector.

These events paved the way for the introduction of Smart Cities Saudi Expo. This event will complement the nation's approaches to urban development and will showcase innovative and intelligent solutions tailored for cognitive environments. These solutions not only facilitate economic growth but also deliver safer, efficient, connected and sustainable cities for residents and visitors.


Adoption of emerging technologies is crucial for enhancing Saudi Arabia’s urban living

Diversification and Infrastructure Enhancement: Saudi Arabia's strategic shift towards economic diversification is gaining momentum, backed by significant infrastructure investments for a growing population and varied industries. Projects include new cities, strong transport, green energy, and enhanced transport hubs.

Government Initatives: The Saudi government's initiatives, including the National Transformation Program, aim to streamline infrastructure, enhance social progress, ensure resource sustainability, achieve efficient governance, drive digital transformation, and improve the labor market to fulfill Vision 2030's objectives.

Urbanization: Saudi Arabia is rapidly urbanizing, with over 85% of the population residing in urban areas. This will lead to significant shifts in demographics, infrastructure demands, and urban planning strategies.

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Digital Economy

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IT & Telecoms

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Power & Energy

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Safety & Security

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Smart Building & Infrastructure

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Smart Governance

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Sustainability & Environment

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Urban Mobility & Transport

Why Exhibit?

Access a targeted audience who are specifically interested in innovative smart cities solutions.

Benefit from networking opportunities that lead to valuable collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities.

Experience presentations and panel discussions on the latest trends, innovations, and challenges that arise when building cognitive cities.

Elevate your brand and leadership position. Attract new clients, investors, and stakeholders, giving your brand a competitive edge


Who will attend?

  • App Developers
  • Architects
  • Data Analysts
  • Digital Infrastructure Engineers
  • Energy Managers
  • Geospatial and Mapping
  • GIS Specialists
  • Health and Safety Consultants
  • IoT Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Public Utilities Professionals
  • Regulators
  • Researchers
  • Scientists
  • Smart City Strategists
  • Software and IT Professionals
  • Sustainability Officers
  • Technology Innovation Managers
  • Transportation Planners
  • Urban Planners



dmg events’ 10+ year presence and local expertize in Saudi Arabia creates a foundation for high quality and safe face-to-face events driving vital business connections and Vision 2030 objectives.

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